ASF #19 – Mentors & Monsters

2 September 2010
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This episode is a quick sketching out the details on Steve Bissette’s upcoming (and we mean really upcoming… as in this FRIDAY, Sept. 3rd) public lecture and gallery show about his personal comics art collection. It sounds like a fascinating event. Check it out and Matt’ll see you there!

Here’s the skinny:

Steve Bissette’s Myrant

The official CCS announcement

About White River Junction and how to get there (courtesy of the Center for Cartoon Studies)

Wiki on Jack Davis

About Cam Kennedy


Let the End Times Roll

28 August 2010
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Hello, we are Art School Fraud. We’d like to share our love of Cthulhu with you.
Cthulhu Dice is a fun ass game that, like most dice games, is easily converted into an intense drinking game. Although we do have trouble calling it a “dice” game when it only involves one die. Oh well, we will overlook in light of how wonderfully dark it is.

What’s this all about?

Cthulhu Dice (This is the thing that this is about)

H.P. FraudCraft

27 August 2010
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Matt and Chris begin to pull open the vial that shrouds a young man of Providence in preparation for what will undoubtedly be an epic podcast.

We talk about some stuff:

H.P. Lovecraft’s: Haunt of Horror (MAX)

Lovecraft (Vertigo)

H.P. Lovecraft’s: Nyarlathotep (Boom)

Fall of Cthulhu (Boom)

Lovecraft is Missing (Larry Latham)

Call of Cthulhu (an RPG by Chaosium Inc.)

Cthulhu Dice (a dice game by Steve Jackson Games)

Poseur Ink Liquidation Sale

20 August 2010
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Rachel Dukes runs Poseur Ink, the label under which she and her boyfriend Mike fight the good fight of comics life vs. the uncaring world. They’ve had some problems lately and, well, let me let her talk:

We’ve had some family emergencies arise and Mike and I have had to sit down and take a look at our priorities. We’ve come to a few different conclusions, but the one thing we agree on is doing what’s best for our family. The first step is making spare room in our apartment and paying off our debts in case additional emergencies arise. We’re making plans to move into a three bedroom in the next few months due to this and we need to have less stuff to move with.

So we’re having a Poseur Ink Liquidation Sale.

Poseur Ink Sale

We’re not closing our doors. We’re still selling other people stuff, we’re still going to be creating new merch… but we need to take some time to be with our family and sort some stuff out. We need to take a break to better our situation.

Nearly everything in the store that was created by Poseur Ink is 50%-70% off. We have about 300 copies left of both Side A and Side B, and those need to go. (They’re only $5 and $11.99 now, respectively.) Once they’re sold, we’re not reprinting. All the older shirts are marked down to $5… this stuff is priced to move, people.

I’m also looking into getting a day job, I have some stuff up on Ebay, I’m taking commissions… all the other normal stuff is going on, but selling what we have of the Poseur Ink stock will be what helps us the most in regards to making room and moving easier.

I’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking, and the like; but if you guys can spread the word, that would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!

I got to meet them at MoCCA 2009 (the sweatbox edition) and Rachel was the first person to ever publish me… even before I went to CCS. Plus they have some cool stuff at their site. Lets help them out, folks.

Poseur Ink at:

Go to or else!

3 August 2010

Our friend Beth Hetland, you may remember her from ASF Episode 17, has a new website!  You may recall she is New England’s most fightin’ist cartoonist.  That’s not something that was ever directly stated during our interview–it is a title that I made up–but I think that its legitimacy can be inferred though context clues.  I think at one point during the interview she “grrred.”  So that basically confirms her undefeated status.  Anyway, if we had just changed the link that is attached to her MECAF interview it wouldn’t have matched up to what she stated at the time, plus it’s a new site and you should all be told about it so you can digg it accordingly.  Oh, and the fact that I don’t want to be held responsible for keeping old links up to date. Although, that ain’t my bag.

I’ll spell it out for you:

Her new site is the appropriately named

Her old site was called

This is video of a duck taking down a house cat.

ASF #18 – Accidental Zeitgeists

18 July 2010
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In this episode, Chris, Matt, & Casey Bohn sit down at CJ’s tavern to talk about the style and execution of criticism, about changes in pop music and Wonder Woman’s style, and about the finer points of pre-adolescent warfare.

What do we MEAN?!?!

Todd Bak

Andrew W.K



Chris was pretty wrong about the Filter/NiN thing.

Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves


Comic Collars


Inspector Zenigata

Unstable Molecules

Super Sentai

Casey Bohn


Liberality for All

Bryan Lee O’malley’s one man band

CJ’s at Than Wheeler’s Tavern


I can identify that cartoonist… Yes, that’s him.

30 June 2010
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A good friend of Mattt and I, a mister Gabby Schulz, appeared on the program InkStuds ( of which I am also a fan).  In their interview they discus America’s Island State, Zinesterism, and how things would have been different if the internet was about ten years older.

This one time Gabby broke into my house while I was sleeping before 3rd shift  to get the drop on me in a game of assassin.  His side of the story is that he was once shot with a rubber band by a guy in his underwear.

-Radical Warren (Why would you keep it anything less than real?)

I saw Brad Guigar review WoM… his hair was perfect.

30 June 2010
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As I am a fan of both the work of Mr. Guigar and the book Werewolves of Montpellier you might assume i would I would be happy to see that  had B.G.  had given WoM a plug in the blog section of his webcomic Evil Inc. Well, you’d be right sir (or ma’am).  I have been a fan of Brad’s because of his adoption of meta-superparody, a subject dear to me, and I first found out about WoM when looking up Werewolf, an anthology of some of Matt and I’s fellow CCSers.  I’m a fan. A fan of which you say? A fan of everything this post links to.  Good comics, good day, good reading.

-Radical Warren PPN (partial pen name)

ASF #17 – MECAF 2010

16 June 2010

In this episode Matt and Chris head down to MECAF and interview around 20 cartoonists and professionals. They do some reviews, some shoutouts, and fail to recollect the title of DC’s former manga line; It’s “CMX” by the way, not that it matters anymore.

Here some of the good folks who were nice enough to talk to us  (not in any order):

Dennis Pacheco

Robyn Chapman

Ben Bishop

Cathy Leamy

Charles Schneeflock Snow

Dan Mazur

Joe Lambert

Joey Peters

Josh Rosen

Michael Gianfrancesco

Sam Gaskin

Beth Hetland

Caitlin Plovnick

David Yoder

Eric Baker

Jen Vaughn

Nomi Kane

Randall Drew

Jesse DuRona


ASF #16 – SRB on TotU – Part 2

29 May 2010
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This is the second half of our interview with Steve Bissette, but I suppose you gathered that from the title and the fact that the last one was called “Part 1″. Speaking of the last episode, if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should go back and listen to them in order.

As was stated before in the shownotes for the last episode, this interview was recorded before the untimely and shocking death of comic veteran Steve Perry. Perry and his work have been mentioned on this site, as well as in this interview itself. Stephen Bissette was Perry’s friend and a champion in the fight to get Perry back on his feet. So much of what has transpired is cheap and cruel. It’s touching to see so many people come forward and give there condolences, but it’s not surprising. So many were already looking out for Perry in life. They recently gave their support in the form of well wishes, financial support, and exposure. On top of all of the grief that Steve’s death brings, it also comes with the bitterness of knowing that all these people were fighting for him and he had come so far just for someone to waste all that effort.

This is a simple analogy, but I think it apt. Imaging coming across someone attempting to put a sand castle back together. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is important to them and it is worth doing whether you succeed or not. So you help. The tide is coming in, but there are others arriving to help the effort. The castle begins to take shape; it can even stand up by itself. The waves come closer and closer, but that’s not so bad. If it cannot hold up forever, that’s not so bad. You come to terms with the idea that the ocean will come and eventually wash away the castle. Then imagine someone kicking the castle over.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I’ve learned from all of this and it’s that fan’s can make a major impact in improving the lives of creators. For the most part, the comics industry isn’t built to support its creators into retirement. That’s true now, but it was doubly so for those creators who cut their teeth back in “the day” and now find themselves without a safety net.  Here’s a video courtesy of the Hero Initiative featuring Steve Perry himself talking about why you should give.

Show links are forthcoming. For now:

Myrant (SRB’s home on the web)

The Hero Initiative (A worthy cause)


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