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The Kobayashi Brew

10 February 2013

Fans of Star Trek in it’s many iterations know the Kobayashi Maru¬†scenario. To sum it up, the final test that Star Fleet gives it’s potential commanders is a won-win scenario. Their reasoning is that those who will potentially be making decisions that will effect the lives of a ship’s compliment and the ultimate future of the United Federation of Planets must know that failure is always an option and is sometimes unavoidable. It is not an ordeal to be overcome, but to be endured. Success in the Academy can never be confused for ability in real life situations with real life consequences. A Captain is responsible for too many lives to think they are incapable of failure. Life does not play fair, so the Kobayashi Maru doesn’t either.

Kim got a hold of a bottle of Romulan Ale, by Cerveceria La Constancia S.A., and she knew she was in trouble. No good could come of it. Visit Kim, and watch her fail.