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ASF Episode #6

25 December 2009

Matt and Chris puss out of doing a proper episode by reusing content they produced for another netcast. Does this even count as an episode? The real question is “how did they last five episodes before copping out?”.

Hey, check this shit out:

The Film Army (http://www NULL.fancypantsgangsters NULL.com/shows/film/) (Netcast Network)

The Junc (http://junc NULL.comicspace NULL.com/) (http://www NULL.theslutcracker NULL.com/) (Internet cartoonist portal)

Cayetano Garza Jr (http://magicinkwell NULL.com/) (Cartoonist)

Bryan Stone (http://poisondartonline NULL.com/) (Cartoonist)

Kenny Rogers’ Six Pack (http://www NULL.lamemovies NULL.net/2008/chad-downs-six-pack-with-kenny-rogers/) (Tour De Force)

The 3 Doctors (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/The_Three_Doctors_(Doctor_Who)) (Dr. Who Saga)

Girl Comics (http://pwbeat NULL.publishersweekly NULL.com/blog/2009/12/15/exclusive-marvel-announces-girl-comics/) (A thing that Marvel is doing)

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