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It does a body bad.

21 April 2012

Is Kimberly a foody?  Yes, but in the same way a wino is a connoisseur.  Obviously, the wino prefers a noble vintage, but he’ll drink Thunderbird if need be and have a good time doing it.

Here’s a good example of some assaults to Kimberly’s pallet.  She lives in a land where corner bodegas and mini-franchise markets offer “meal deals”.  Wanna know a secret? If it rhymes, it’s probably not super classy.   All of the meals she reviews and photographs defiantly fall into the category of “too good to be true”.   Have you ever had the two dollar breakfast buffet in Vegas?  Well, I’ve had it in Carson City, it has diminishing returns.  Now imagine having it at a gas station.  This is the kind of stuff Kim managed to not only dig up, but consume and document.

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