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ASF #25 – Mecaf 2011

24 September 2011

Chris and Matt go to MeCaf (the Maine Comics Art Festival) 2011… in May.  Yeah.  It’s been a little while since our last episode, but we still talked to some awesome people who deserve to be heard!



Gynn Stella, writer/artist/co-founder of Dandelion Studios.


We also talk about Missi Penya, artist for their book Perils of Picorna.
Chris speaks to cartooning educator, creator, and wandering comics journalist Marek Bennett.  Marek’s latest project is a book of travel comics from his journey to Slovakia.  Why Slovakia?  Find out here:



We talk to writer/artist Steve Seck about his continuing saga of an unemployed beer bottle and an alligator.  Really.  As they try to find love and employment in the big city.

Steve Seck: http://www.secktacular.com/

Also from New Jersey, Sara Lindo, who has some sweet tales of Carl, a cone-head looking for love, wall-street cats, and brain buddies.

Sara Lindo:http://www.thelindo.com/

Dave Kender: writer of the graphic-novel in-progress about the balance of power and perspective between three different generations and cultures in one fictional urban neighborhood known as The Ragbox.


Dave also shares the secret creation myth of the Boston Comics Roundtable, a collective of comics artists and writers in the Boston area: