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ASF #22 – Brightest Day

12 January 2011

Matt and Chris don’t talk that much about mainstream comics, but they’ve really been enjoying DC comics’ Brightest Day ongoing event. A trade just came out compiling the first distinct arc, so this seemed to be a great chance to talk about it.

Chris fucks up near the end. At one point he says that the Velocity Cruz Reader has the same size screen as the Velocity Cruz Tablet. While they both have 7” screens, the Reader has a 4:3 ratio and the Tablet is available both 4:3 and 16:9. That means that the 16:9 Tablet has less viewable screen area. Chris found this out when he bought a Tablet and then quickly returned it when he realized his comics looked like crap. Glad we got that all settled.


Brightest Day

The Velocity Cruz

Matt’s new journal comic

Chris’ new H.P. Lovecraft comic

Girl Guy Gardener (Girl Gardener?)

Dead Man

Dead Man (The shitty movie)

Dead Man ( The Band)

Dead Man’s Hand (A comic anthology that Matt and Chris edited that has nothing to do with DC comics)

Dead Man’s Porn (Another band that has a less appropriate name.)