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Poseur Ink Liquidation Sale

20 August 2010

Rachel Dukes runs Poseur Ink, the label under which she and her boyfriend Mike fight the good fight of comics life vs. the uncaring world. They’ve had some problems lately and, well, let me let her talk:

We’ve had some family emergencies arise and Mike and I have had to sit down and take a look at our priorities. We’ve come to a few different conclusions, but the one thing we agree on is doing what’s best for our family. The first step is making spare room in our apartment and paying off our debts in case additional emergencies arise. We’re making plans to move into a three bedroom in the next few months due to this and we need to have less stuff to move with.

So we’re having a Poseur Ink Liquidation Sale.

Poseur Ink Sale

We’re not closing our doors. We’re still selling other people stuff, we’re still going to be creating new merch… but we need to take some time to be with our family and sort some stuff out. We need to take a break to better our situation.

Nearly everything in the store that was created by Poseur Ink is 50%-70% off. We have about 300 copies left of both Side A and Side B, and those need to go. (They’re only $5 and $11.99 now, respectively.) Once they’re sold, we’re not reprinting. All the older shirts are marked down to $5… this stuff is priced to move, people.

I’m also looking into getting a day job, I have some stuff up on Ebay, I’m taking commissions… all the other normal stuff is going on, but selling what we have of the Poseur Ink stock will be what helps us the most in regards to making room and moving easier.

I’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking, and the like; but if you guys can spread the word, that would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!

I got to meet them at MoCCA 2009 (the sweatbox edition) and Rachel was the first person to ever publish me… even before I went to CCS. Plus they have some cool stuff at their site. Lets help them out, folks.

Poseur Ink at: http://www.poseurink.com/