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ASF #17 – MECAF 2010

16 June 2010

In this episode Matt and Chris head down to MECAF and interview around 20 cartoonists and professionals. They do some reviews, some shoutouts, and fail to recollect the title of DC’s former manga line; It’s “CMX” by the way, not that it matters anymore.

Here some of the good folks who were nice enough to talk to us  (not in any order):

Dennis Pacheco

Robyn Chapman

Ben Bishop

Cathy Leamy

Charles Schneeflock Snow

Dan Mazur

Joe Lambert

Joey Peters

Josh Rosen

Michael Gianfrancesco

Sam Gaskin

Beth Hetland

Caitlin Plovnick

David Yoder

Eric Baker

Jen Vaughn

Nomi Kane

Randall Drew

Jesse DuRona



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