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ASF Episode #11 – Punk rock starter kit

11 April 2010

Chris and Matt trot trot to Boston to check out the Zine Fair.  There was music, comics, art and really fun folks. There were some zines too!  As always,  Matt was the face of ASF,  shaking hands and doing  interviews, while Chris quietly got drunk in public.

You like clickin?  You’re in luck:

Boston Zine Fair (Technically in Cambridge)

Propaganda Press (Indie Press)

The Whitehaus Family Record (Music people)

Papercut Zine Library (Every bit as hip as it sounds)

Herman the Manatee (Webcomic)

Sordid City Blues (Webcomic)

Basement Media Fest (Just a heads up, their website might kill your brain. )



4 Comments to “ASF Episode #11 – Punk rock starter kit”

  1. Chris, I imagine that you wanted to post this ‘cast ASAP, for whatever reason, because there are as yet no links to what was discussed in the show, as there ususally are and the show itself is overdue, as I recall. However, I think that this show still calls for a re-edit because the Jason Viola interview is repeated. Perhaps there is some artistic reason why you did this, and if so, I apologize. I did like the MTBA sound effect segues.

    Anyway, I bid you pax vobiscum and fun to, from and whilst in Greece to you and yours (especially in the rowboat!) and thanks for the mention, finally!

    Also, the band you refer to at the end of the show is Black Sabbath (for any uninitiated who read this). Credit where credit is due, my friend.

  2. oh fuck!

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