ASF #30: On Gremlins

15 February 2013
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Jesse, Randall, Chris, and Matt have a roundtable discussion about Gremlins and Gremlins 2. Feelings about and experiences with the movies are mixed, but there is no shortage of opinions and observations. Eventually (inevitably) things devolve into fan/slash fiction.

A word of warning: do not listen to this until you have seen both films. Not only does it contain approximately three spoilers per minute, it will also make absolutely make no sense and probably give you brain rickets.

A second word f warning: If you are old enough to use the internet and, thusly, are reading this and you haven’t yet seen Gremlins, there is something seriously wrong with you. You should get that looked at, it may be the first sign of something much worse.





I heard you liked links. So I linked you these thinks:

Notable Gremlins

This is what happens when you internet.

Totally looks like



ASF #29: Cartoon College and Free ComicBook Day

27 January 2013
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ASF talks about Free Comicbook Day at Newbury Comics in West Lebanon New Hampshire.  Before that though, they went to the screening of Cartoon College and are gonna tell you all about it!  There were a lot of shakeup in the would of ASF since this was recorded, this episode was actually recorded months ago.  The movie’s still great and FCBD isn’t going anywhere, so this episode is no less relevant.




Here’s your homework:

The Center for Cartoon Studies 

Cartoon College

Free Comic Book Day

Newbury Comics






ASF #28: Vermont Small Press & Comics Fair

9 April 2012
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We (Randall Drew, Jesse Durona, Radical Warren, & Mattyoung) sit down to talk about the awesome time we had at the Vermont Small Press & Comics Fair in Winooski.  The gang talks about the people, the places, and good times.  Half of us are more than half in the bag by the end of the night!  Sea shanties are sung and



More links to come:

Winooski Welcome Center

Greg Giordano (a.k.a. Flameape)

What is a horseshoe? 

Matt Aucoin

Also, for reference, this is a joke that was going around the blogosphere/tumblrsphere recently:




ASF #27 – Dan Barlow

24 March 2012
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The gang sits down for beers with Dan Barlow. We talk about just a few of the huge amount of comic pies he has his thumbs in. That’s not a very good euphemism. I guess since he only has two thumbs. He and ASF will be at a comic convention in Winooski VT on March the 24th. Bring this podcast with you and he’ll sign it.

More links to come:


Trees and Hills



ASF #26 – MICE 2011

10 February 2012
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In this exciting episode of ASF, we check out MICE (The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo).

Matt calls in sick and Randall jumps into the power vacuum to assist Chris with the interviews.

Is Matt’s job is jeopardy? No. No. That’s just silly. It doesn’t matter how fun and cool Randall is. Or that he’s got like the best toys. Don’t put any weight into the fact that Randall did a great job and has a cool stinger. Or the fact that Chris is literally moving out of the house that Matt lives in and moving in with Randall. Which is a real thing by the way that is totally happening.

On another note (pun), we paid our house band, Taking Care of Breakfast, 20 dollars to make Randall a theme song. We’re still trying to get that money back.


Quotable Notables:




ASF #25 – Mecaf 2011

24 September 2011
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Chris and Matt go to MeCaf (the Maine Comics Art Festival) 2011… in May.  Yeah.  It’s been a little while since our last episode, but we still talked to some awesome people who deserve to be heard!



Gynn Stella, writer/artist/co-founder of Dandelion Studios.

We also talk about Missi Penya, artist for their book Perils of Picorna.
Chris speaks to cartooning educator, creator, and wandering comics journalist Marek Bennett.  Marek’s latest project is a book of travel comics from his journey to Slovakia.  Why Slovakia?  Find out here:

We talk to writer/artist Steve Seck about his continuing saga of an unemployed beer bottle and an alligator.  Really.  As they try to find love and employment in the big city.

Steve Seck:

Also from New Jersey, Sara Lindo, who has some sweet tales of Carl, a cone-head looking for love, wall-street cats, and brain buddies.

Sara Lindo:

Dave Kender: writer of the graphic-novel in-progress about the balance of power and perspective between three different generations and cultures in one fictional urban neighborhood known as The Ragbox.

Dave also shares the secret creation myth of the Boston Comics Roundtable, a collective of comics artists and writers in the Boston area:





ASF #24 – Drive Angry Review

31 March 2011
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The boys present a review of Drive Angry: Shot in 3D. They also discover that the reason they don’t record two podcasts in a row at the pub is that’s it’s good to be sober for at least a portion of the recording.


Links forthcoming





ASF #23 – CCS Appreciation Week

11 March 2011
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In honor of CCS Appreciation Week Matt, Chris, Denis, and David throw back a few beers and open up about their college days.



The Center for Cartoon Studies

Denis St. John

David Yoder

Atomic Age Cinema


The Kubert School

That school where you have to draw the turtle.

The Comics Journal





ASF #22 – Brightest Day

12 January 2011
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Matt and Chris don’t talk that much about mainstream comics, but they’ve really been enjoying DC comics’ Brightest Day ongoing event. A trade just came out compiling the first distinct arc, so this seemed to be a great chance to talk about it.

Chris fucks up near the end. At one point he says that the Velocity Cruz Reader has the same size screen as the Velocity Cruz Tablet. While they both have 7” screens, the Reader has a 4:3 ratio and the Tablet is available both 4:3 and 16:9. That means that the 16:9 Tablet has less viewable screen area. Chris found this out when he bought a Tablet and then quickly returned it when he realized his comics looked like crap. Glad we got that all settled.


Brightest Day

The Velocity Cruz

Matt’s new journal comic

Chris’ new H.P. Lovecraft comic

Girl Guy Gardener (Girl Gardener?)

Dead Man

Dead Man (The shitty movie)

Dead Man ( The Band)

Dead Man’s Hand (A comic anthology that Matt and Chris edited that has nothing to do with DC comics)

Dead Man’s Porn (Another band that has a less appropriate name.)


ASF #21 – MICE, Honey & Stinging

27 October 2010
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Matt and Chris trot trot to MICE.  Did they have a good time? Did they meet anyone? Did they get accosted by a 400 pound dude name “Silent Carl” who demanded that they kiss but thank God Matt knows Kung-Fu? Listen and find out.

Links of Note:



Jeveli’s Terminal J Lounge ( Matt’s love for this place is suspicious in it’s intensity)

Randall Drew (aka “Rough n’ Ready Randall” aaka “Rootin’-Tootin’ Randall)


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